Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tourism in Prague

The new air of modernity makes it grows every year the number of Brazilians crossing the Atlantic to tame or backpacking in the Czech Republic. After the end of communist rule in 1989, the small and charming country opened its doors to tourism and proved one of the most attractive and developed in Eastern Europe.

Its proximity to neighbors such as Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany and Poland attracts visitors from all over the planet. With centuries of history and culture, the Czech Republic vai style medieval to contemporary art. It is full of cathedrals, monuments, palaces, gardens and even the "consecrated" route beer. Since the 8th century, the country is one of the largest producers and consumers of brew.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and magnificent mountains, some of them even with ski resorts, the Czech nation is divided into two territories: Moravia and Bohemia. In the second region, for example, are cosmopolitan capital cities Prague and breweries, such as Pilsen and Budweis.

Other main attractions are the national pubs, the ballads and rich electronic events calendar, which begins in May and continues through the rest of the year. The programming includes jazz festivals, beer and even opera and music spring. The rank is good there too. Resembles the German food, with dishes based on pork or beef, and accompanied by potatoes, rice, sausages and sausages.

If the local language is complicated to speak, to facilitate almost all Czechs found themselves in English. The vast majority are friendly with foreigners Westerners. The population is young and full of beautiful people (my wife comet that people here seem "magazine cover"), has a high level of education. After all, this is the land of cult writers like Franz Kafka and many other artists.

The country became one of the most radiant centers of culture and arts of Europe in the 21st century. The best moments of a trip to the Old Continent surely pass the Czech Republic. Come and see for yourself!