Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Food in Prague - Where to eat

When I travel I try to eat in cafeterias eviatr I find easily in Brazil, it is clear that the idea is to enter the local climate, eat what the locals eat. If you do not like very heavy foods is best to prepare for the flavors of Czech cuisine. Sauces and seasonings are very strong and constant in most dishes and focuses mainly meat. Find fresh fish is unusual and can be very expensive. Why there are so many Italian restaurants where you can revive Mediterranean flavors with the beautiful and traditional pizzas and pastas. Although the flavors are intense, should not forget that you always have the help of beer, and the variety is great. Indeed, it is common to find some homemade beer in restaurants. Do not forget is that it takes the stomach to handle the size of the standard glass, half liter.
Be sure to try two of the most typical specialties of the Czech Republic: svíckova and Gulas. The first is a delicious steak and thin cow and a yellowish delicious cream sauce with wild red fruits. The second, is a typical dish of beef stewed with vegetables and pepper, common to all Slavic region but, unlike the Hungarian counterpart, bits of meat are great. Another traditional dish is the pork knuckle (photo).
If not dispense a beautiful coffee, is plotted. The Express we are used rarely and is truly, by specifying more, vai have the feeling that you are drinking coffee in a cup of Grandma's spout.

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