Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sightseeing in Prague - Astronomical Clock

One of the biggest tours of Prague's Astronomical Clock, installed in the town hall of the Old City since the fifteenth century, the Astronomical Clock in Prague is a beautiful example of the accuracy of the old master watchmakers.

In the main square of the medieval town, the clock served as a source of information for the general population, and shows the time in different measurement systems used then as the Roman and Germanic and the bohemian. The hours are just one of many functions, because the clock still shows the time of sunrise and sunset for each day of the year, the zodiac sign and the lunar cycle, and many other information, including a calendar.

Punctually every hour, a true spectacle happens when the clock strikes the bell and makes parading effigies of Christ's apostles on its facade.

The most amazing is that the mechanism that moves its hands and the dolls is still the original fifteenth century, with minor improvements made ​​in the sixteenth century.

A real crowd is waiting in the square at each change of time, is very beautiful!

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